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Choosing a new pipe is like taking a new puppy home. Well, maybe not serious, but a pipe can last a lifetime as long as you take care of it.


We're going to lay down what you should look for when purchasing a pipe. Pretty much all pipes function the same. Meaning they all help you enjoy your materials. Most pipes are made out of glass. Typically they all use scientific borosilicate glass. Pipes can also be made out of other materials like wood or silicone.


Now let's get into the nitty, gritty of picking out a new pipe. Pipes all have a bowl. This is where you pack your material of choice. Which is why we all have used the phrase, "I'm, going to pack a bowl" at least once in our life. Bowl depth is critical because some like quick snappers (smaller bowls) while other people like to smoke Game of Thrones mountain style bowls.


Style is critical when choosing a piece. The piece is an extension of your personality. Some offer vibrant colors, while others are humorous. Some say sophistication, and others are entirely psychedelic art masterpieces


Cheap Glass Pipes | Large Selection

Home, nature, or while you are out and about? If its something that you want mostly at home, size doesn't matter. If its something you need to fit into a small purse or bag, then size is something to pay attention to.


Best Under $20

GRAV® Pinch Spoon 3.25 $9.99

360 Alternative 3.5" Double Ring Hand Pipe $11.99

GRAV® Mini Classic Sherlock 4" $17.99


Best Mid-Range
Hand Pipe Honeycomb Patterns $25.00

Hand Long Marble Hand Pipe $25.00

Empire Glassworks Rickle Pick Pipe $59.95


Best High-End

GRAV® Arcline™ Chillum $59.99

Empire Glassworks Bugs Life Pipe $120.00

GRAV® Arcline™ Hammer Pipe 5" $89.99


Final Thoughts

Pipes are the simplest tool to have in your arsenal and truth be told you can’t really make the wrong choice. With all things remember to have fun while shopping around. This isn’t meant to be serious, just have fun.


If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us from our chat which is available 9 AM to 6 AM or our email which is support@360alternative.com

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