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The dabbing world began in the rudimentary ways, similar to that of our ancestors first discovering the ability to cook meat. A torch, nail, and a rig were the only tools one had to use concentrates. Today we have the wonders of the complete package of using E-rigs. If you have a favorite rig, you can add the E-nail feature to it.

Difference Between E-Rig & E-Nail

E-rigs are an all in one portable dab device. That means heating and vaporizing are all from the same device. The E-Nail is an adapter to a standard dab rig or bong. It allows the user to use their favorite rigs or bongs without the need of a torch.
Narrowing Down Your Search: Why are you looking for an E-Nail or e-Rig?
When shopping around for your next vaporizer experience, it's best to think about your needs. If you are looking for an entirely new system than it would probably best to get the all-in-one package that a dab rig provides.

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Depending on your intended use, you will be looking for certain features. Reading through these will help narrow your selection down. Portable concentrate devices are for precisely that purpose. You can pretty much take them anywhere (where legal). Desktop and E-Rig and E-Nails are somewhat portable but are mostly for at home or office use.

Da Buddah Vaporizer | Da Buddah Vaporizer Accessories 

Whip only devices like the Silver Surfer, or Da Buddah are devices that offer more than just function. They are an art piece that you can vape out of. If you are the person who likes the direct inhale experience, then a whip-only device is the one for you.

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If you're searching, what are E-Nail's for? Please allow us to explain. If you already have a rig and want to make your dabbing experience more convenient, than the E-Nail is a great addition to a standard rig or bong. They usually have an adapter at the end of the device which connects to the rig or bong (please pay attention to attachment size). Storz & Bickel Plenty Vaporizer is that you don't have to worry about batteries.

Different E Nail Type | Ceramic Nail Or Quartz?

There are three different types of nail types, ceramic, quartz, and titanium. Each has its pros and cons.  Ceramic heats up slowly but retains heat well and produces a pure flavor. Like ceramic, quartz produces pure flavor, but an added plus it has a much faster heat-up time. Titanium nails heat up fast and retain the heat better than the other two nail types, but it does have a metallic aftertaste. 

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