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There are many nicknames for weed devices like bongs, pieces, and dab rigs if you haven't noticed by now. They are interchangeable. Most veterans of legal cannabis will know the different names. For example, a piece is called a hand pipe, sneak-a-toke, or one-hitter-quitters. Dab rigs are also called oil rigs or concentrate rigs. 

Portable Dab rigs function the same as bongs. Heat material, pull the bowl and inhale. The only exception is that oil rigs were explicitly created for wax and concentrates. One big difference dab rigs are the "bowl" attachment. Bowls on dab rigs are called bangers. Bangers are made out of different materials like quartz, glass, and titanium. This is where the legal cannabis wax, concentrate, oil, or essential oils dabbed into. The banger is heated with a torch until the desired temperature is reached. Similar to a conduction vaporizer, the banger acts like an oven.


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As mentioned earlier, dab rigs function based on conduction style heating. The first step in using a portable dab rig is heating. Heating is created by an external source like a torch or e-nail. Torch heating requires you to heat the banger or nail first and using a dabber to swirl the material around until it is vaporized. Dabbers can be made out of quartz, glass, ceramic, or titanium. If you use a standard process of dabbing that needs a torch, you need a nail and dabber tool as well. Nails are the bangers we were talking about earlier. Today, you can purchase accessories like e-nails that make it much safer. Whether you use a standard torch or an e-nail, some people like using carb caps, which act like carb on pipe or bubbler.


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Small Dab rigs can be really cool, like buying a bong or piece the dab oil rig is an extension of yourself. It can be simple or elaborate in design. The thing you have to pay attention to how does that particular dab rig makes you feel. If you like glass that shows your humorous side, you can pick something that shows that aspect of your personality. If you like art it can be an artistic design. Or if you are more into the simple aesthetics like German-style architecture. An e-nail requires you to plug in the e-nail, attach it to the nail or banger, set the temperature. Once that is complete, you will be ready to go. In this age of cannabis technology, we have other additions like vapes or e-nails that can help make dabbing easier. Some vaporizers come with an attachment that allows you to use your vaporizer to heat the material and inhale through the dab oil rig.



Best Dab Rigs Under $50

Sherlock Dab Rig 14mm $20.00

Waterpipe 6" Rig Showerhead Perc + Banger $29.00

6" 14mm Nectar Collector W/ Clip And Quartz Tip $32.00


Best Mid-Range Dab Oil Rigs

Waterpipe 8" Cone Perc Rig With Banger $45.00

Piranha Quartz Beaker w/ Thermal Banger Nail & Carb Cap $59.95

GRAV® Large, Clear Circuit Rig 7" $79.99


Best High-End Dab Oil Rigs

Quantum Sci 6" Mini Candelier Sidecar Dab Rig $125.00

Cheech & Chong Dab Rig 8" $125.00

GRAV® Orbis Coppa Dab Rig $149.99

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