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The classic bubbler is like a piece, but it's like a bong. It can be considered the hybrid between the two different models. The bubbler is a fun and unique way to get your smoke on.

The bubbler features a bowl piece and carburetor. It works similar to the carburetor bongs. There isn't much to the diffusion aspect as most bubblers have an opening for the bowl piece, and when you draw in smoke, the smoke gets sucked into the water.


Bubbler Bong | A Glass Piece Made For You

The difference between a bubbler and bong is determined by size, bowl, and downstem. The classic bong design of bowl, downstem, and water allows for diffusion to occur, which is smoke entering the water. The bubbler like the bong has a bowl and downstem which reaches into the water. Bubblers have a fixed downstem while bongs bowls and downstems are customizable. The benefits of owning a bubbler is that they are more compact and more comfortable to travel with. Where bongs are generally larger. Bongs are easier to clean and easier to replace parts, where bubblers are harder to clean, and if anything were to happen, the entire unit would have to be replaced itself.


Glass Bubblers | The Pros And Cons

Bubblers are a fun way to get your smoke on. Shopping for one shouldn't be stressful. Here are some happy reminders for you to think about do you like humorous pieces, stylish pieces, or purely care about the function?

When purchasing a bubbler, it is best to enjoy the process and remind yourself to have fun. Think about the name of your future piece as your purchasing it. See how it will fit with the rest of your collection. 

Pipes usually have dryer hits because it's a straight shot from smoking to inhaling. Where the bubbler diffuses the smoke through the water, and then you inhale. The argument of whether or not bubblers or bongs filters the smoke is pretty inconclusive as the only study done on water filtration was in the 80s and 90s, so if you were to buy a bubbler, it's mostly for the reason of cooling down the smoke.


Best Bubblers

Best Bubblers Under $30

Sherlock Bubbler Fritted Rasta 6" Bubbler $19.99

Fumed Marble 5" Bubbler $24.99

Rasta Frit Hammer 8" Bubbler $27.99 


Best Mid-Range Bubblers

Spider Web 8" Bubbler $32.99

GRAV® Conical Pocket Bubbler $39.99

Marley Natural Smoked Glass Bubbler $84.99


Best High-End Bubblers

Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Bubbler $124.99

GRAV® Black Accent Hourglass Recycler $179.99

GRAV® Arcline™ Hemisphere Bubbler $279.99

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